Enter to win a sexy gelbot. Sick of getting gel/goo all over yourself while riding? Tired of having to put a sticky icky gel pack into your back pocket? Yeah, me too! This Water Bottle solves the issue – easy to get your gel and water on at the same time, or just your water. You can take OUT the gel container and just use it as a water bottle as well. And it looks fly.

For all donations made to – my charity page for medical research to cure/help children with cancer, you will be entered into a random drawing. It can be as low as $5 – every little bit helps!! ALL DONATIONS FROM THROWN CHAIN READERS for THIS PARTICULAR RAFFLE must be submitted BEFORE 7/9! Once you donate, please post a reply here so I know it was a ThrownChain reader (versus say, my dad haha).

Hey baby, wanna wrap your mouth around me? 😉

Please share this with any friend you think would be interested!! THANK YOU !!!

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