TdF Hottie: Tejay van Garderen

First up in the third annual Tour de France Hotties – Tejay van Garderen!

This adorable 23 year old is an American currently racing for BMC. I just bought a BMC. Too bad it didn’t come with Tejay. I’d buy ten more BMCs if they came with a Tejay. hehehehe

Ladies, I’m here for yah!

He’s 6’1″, so nice n’ tall for a pro-cyclist. At just age 18 he rode the Amgen Tour of California as part of the national team and is most known for being a time trialer.

This is my ‘serious yet sexy’ pose

He’ll be playing the support role for Cadel Evans this year during the TdF.
Ladies – one of his hobbies is cooking. He should come on over and cook me up a nice dish of mrowrrrrr.

Don’t let my boyish good looks fool you – I can bring it, baby!

2 thoughts on “TdF Hottie: Tejay van Garderen

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  2. I picked him as a favorite last year because he was doing so surprisingly well making a name for himself, even as a baby to the race, and this year he is totally blowing everyone away…8th place overall in the tour? At 23, and looking like THAT? Do want. He seems like an absolute sweetheart too. He is always so gracious and well spoken in interviews. I would kill for a date with him. He’s a dream.

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