Livin’ the Good Life

So for the final weekend of having a thyroid gland, I decided to be a big roller and take my sister and I on a biking/hiking/kayaking trip at the McKenzie River Trail. Check it out – Rated #1 for having the best bike trails in America!!

We’ll take lots of pics – I’m super excited. I love Oregon, love biking, love trees and lakes… oh and my sister, I guess I love her, too, so we’re gonna have some fun!

I’m debating if I should draw a frowny face over the tumor on my neck. It’s sad because it’s going away. hahah To be honest, though, the closer we get to my surgery, the more nervous I am getting. I’m sitting here, my stomach is twisting into a knot. I know there is nothing to be afraid of but… I’m afraid??

Oh well. So I look forward to a final weekend of fun before I go into a few weeks of boring recovery.

Anyone ever biked up in that part of Oregon?

One thought on “Livin’ the Good Life

  1. Hang in there! Enjoy your trip!!! I look forward to seeing the pics!

    And the fear is natural. You just can’t let it control you. LiveSTRONG!

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