Forget the good

This shirt goes straight to the bad and ugly, but yet there is a certain tongue in cheek (hardee har har) element to it that is non typical of the snobby cycling scene.

I bring you Cycle Buttcrack jerseys. The name is exactly what the product is.

It’s a shirt that makes it look like your ass is hanging out, just in case you were wondering what the heck was going on.

Hate it or love it??

5 thoughts on “Forget the good

  1. Love it.
    This guy needs to branch out. Football jerseys- I’m sure it would provide some psychological defense against being tackled by the guys chasing you. All plumbers should have these things issued as part of a uniform.

  2. I have a good friend who I bike with, and his butt crack really does hang out whenever he rides. I should buy him this is a gift.

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