You can't get more fashionable than this

Last year I did a review of Clean Bottles, as well as a give away.
Well, whattya know, Clean Bottle sent me another box o’ water bottles!!

Therefore, time to do another give away!

Yes, it IS fashion week but the review item didn’t come in the mail in time, so that post will have to wait until next week.

Therefore, to try to keep in line with fashion week and tie it into the giveaway, here is how to enter to win a Clean Bottle:

1. Go “Like” our facebook page at

2. Post a Photo or Link to our wall of bike-fashion-related thing (IE a pic of your bike all dolled up, your friend in a lame hipster bike shirt from Target, or a link to a site of bike related accessories/fashion that you LOVE and own something from)

3. I’ll take the names of all the submitters and randomly select through a generator

You can submit more than one item if you want, but it won’t result in any double entries.

I have a LOT of bottles (at least 8) so you have a really good chance of winning one.
Contest is open until Noon PST of Monday, 6/6.

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