It’s not you, it’s me

I have started to bike to work again. I pulled up to the bike rack today and noticed that pretty much no one else locked up their bikes.

I stood, stared and pondered.

Should I lock my bike? Will that make it seem like I don’t trust the security staff?

If others don’t lock their bike, why should I?

I then ran through the ‘how someone could steal my bike off the campus*’ scenario in my head. I was able to come up with at least two ways, so I fished out my lock, and well.. locked my bike.

WHILE bending over to lock the bike, I noticed that the bike rack was the kind that is very easy to steal bikes from (easy to saw/cut through). I sighed, and finished locking my bike.

I didn’t have enough confidence to leave my helmet dangling from my bike.

Am I being too paranoid? In a city where bike theft is the highest rising crime?

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