Adventures in Riverside

I ventured to Riverside*, California yesterday to peruse the Star Trek exhibit at the Metropolitan Showcase.

Prior to even writing this blog, I posted a bitchy review on Yelp** about how poorly the show was curated, but that is a different story.

While peering through windows of the abandoned gallery spaces, we saw some really strange stuff. Below is a quick photo journey of my odd adventure in Riverside.

The 'museum' is a renovated bank. The store was in the bank vault. Here is me busting out of the vault with a renegade tribble

Oh Khan, the mannequin does not do your beefy chest justice

What the hell IS this thing? Scariest 'cycling' thing EVER.

OK This is why I stare into windows of abandoned spaces. The random-est crap is in there. Unicorn skeleton??

*For those not from Southern California, Riverside is part of the “Inland Empire” aka “IE” aka “land of the dirt people”. There is nothing out there except giant mounds of dirt, with some rocks sticking out of it.

**If you are a Yelper, add me!

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