The Island of Forgotten Bikes

So first off, Happy New Year! I am glad the holidays are finally over!! YAY! Anyone have any riding-related (or just wacky) New Years resolutions? Reply and tell me!

The red frowny face represents the bike

So while sitting in a friend’s car for 2 PM “brunch” on New Year’s day, I noticed something fairly strange.

In the middle of the intersection is a concrete island (we were facing a major roadway that is about 7 lanes across, divided by a concrete divider).

There is no cross walk that goes near this divider. It’s just got a pylon to hold up a highway that is above the intersection.

But lying on this grey, filthy concrete island is a shiny red bike. Just lying there. On it’s side. Not locked up and as we took our left so I could get a better view, it didn’t appear damaged (I thought maybe someone blew a tire or got hit by a car, and the bike was abandoned).

I thought about this damn bike ALL DAY LONG. On my way home around 3 AM, I decided to detour off the 105 to see if the bike was still there. As expected, it was gone.

Where was the bike? Why was it there? I have thought about these things before.

Here is a short ficlet (as we creepy fan fiction people call it) for the “Intersection Bike”. I decided to make it creepy. I think in real life, someone just dropped it off to take the bus, and picked it back up. Or it was stolen. Or both.

We were just riding along as usual during dawn, at the end of my owner’s work day. I was his main transportation, you see, to and from work. I get confused, because I see other bikes riding alongside the cars, but we ride facing the cars. I don’t like that, because it scares me to see their headlights shine on my reflectors on the front. My reflectors on the back work better for that.

But we stick to the sidewalks, so I’m not on the main street. But that gets bumpy, too.

There seems to be more cars on the road this morning. I heard my owner talking about “new years eve” to his coworkers, while they unlocked their bikes.

We were only a mile from work, on that big road with all the litter on the sidewalks and streets*, when a car swerved and hit me!!

My owner fell to the ground, and I could feel my bike tire get crunched, my derailleur smash to the ground. There was screaming, I think it was my owner. I lost consciousness. Sure, I’m a bicycle, just another inanimate object to you guys, but I feel pain, too. Imagine having your leg shattered. That is what it felt like for me and my tire.

When I awoke, my owner was gone. I was now stuck in the middle of the big scary street, cars whizzing by everywhere. Trapped on some mini island in a sea of traffic, but no way on or off. This weird..concrete jungle. What will happen to me? I can’t be picked up and ridden, unless someone fixes my tire. I’m afraid, will you come save me?

*Old Imperial highway is trashed. They never clean it and I swear I will blow out a tire on either the trash or potholes on it.

Wow, the story was sadder than I thought. Someone give it a happy conclusion?

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