Oh HELL No, you drunkin’ bitch!

OK So I really really really hate drunk drivers. I mean, really. I don’t say that with love, even though several of my friends have gotten DUIs. That just really disappoints me.

About a year ago i was renewing my license and the girl behind me strikes up a conversation. Apparently she got a DUI and had her license revoked. Even with no license, she drove to the DMV. And upon my statement of ‘why didn’t you just stay at your friend’s house?’ I got the ol’ ‘ohhh I just live a few miles down the road! I know when i am okay to drive!’

No you obviously DON’T, you fucking bitch. Seriously, if you are drunk or even tipsy, take a cab, take a bus, pass out on your friend’s couch, get a ride from a sober friend. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

You drunkies are a cyclist’s worst nightmare. This article is what is inspiring my rage on drunk drivers.

“Witnesses reported that a woman driving a black Mercedes hit two bicyclists and left the scene. The bicyclists were taken to the hospital and remain in critical condition, police reported. Their injuries are not expected to be life-threatening, police said.

About five minutes later, witnesses called to report a second (emphasis is mine) hit-and-run with a black Mercedes and a Chevrolet SUV at Goldenwest and Ellis Avenue, police reported. There were no injuries in this accident, police said…

Police officers who stopped the woman reported that the front windshield of the Mercedes was shattered, which they said occurred when the car hit the bicyclists. Officers also discovered an open bottle of peach vodka in the car, police said.”

Get this – Ms. Tama Rae Tracy already has TWO OTHER DUIs!!! You fucking drunkin crazy bitch! Get the fuck off the road and check into rehab.

Bad enough having to bike on the street with regular drivers, much less drunkies. Sigh.

End of angry rant.

6 thoughts on “Oh HELL No, you drunkin’ bitch!

  1. At that point they shouldn’t just take away your DL, they should entirely revoke your right to partake in the vehicle experience in any way. You lose the right to be a passenger! They stick a GPS on your ass, and if they track you moving faster than, say, 15 mph for more than a minute or two, they orbital-laser strike you.

  2. i know this girl and her family. The problem is that non of the family take any responsibility for any of their mistakes. Shouldnt be a suprise, but her brother is a Woman Abuser and has been convicted of domestic violence several times, and he still drinks and drives even after this has happened with his sister.

    • i know this is a little late but you should stop talking because you dont know crap about her family.. she doesnt even have a sister

  3. I know one of the injured bicyclists.
    Lock her up & throw away the key. She didn’t learn from the other 2 DUIs; why do you think she’ll stop drinking WHILE driving now?

    She needs a alcohol monitoring device for life

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