Drive by cycling

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“Deputies are looking for a man who rode on a bicycle and fired four shots toward a home on Sunday night, authorities said.”

Awww yeaaaaah. For any regular readers of this blog, you know I love the gangsta rap.

See, shootin’ up the other homiez on a bike is all stealth like. People can hear a car, but not a bike. Therefore, you just gliiiide up and take ’em unawarez. bam bam bam! Then kick it up a few gears and take off. Also, on a bike you can go places cars can’t, so it makes getaways even better.


One thought on “Drive by cycling

  1. I’ve played GTA:SA, yo. Once you boost your bicycle skill up to max, you can like bunny-hop over 6 foot fences (or 20 foot fences, if you hit the right combo of buttons), or onto the roofs of cars, and from there you can hop onto low roofs! Bikes are the ultimate gangsta conveyance.
    Plus, Debo from Friday rode a bike.

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