Throw your chainz in tha ayer if youse a true ri-daahh

To all the ladies ridin the street with style and grace
Allow me to lace these lyrical duches in your bike seats
Who rock grooves and make moves with all the mommies
The back of the peloton, sippin gatorade,
is where you`ll find me
The back of the group, mackin hoes, my crew`s behind me
Mad question askin, gu gel passin, pedals blastin
But I just can`t quit
Cause one of these honies Biggie gots ta race with
Bike with, keep the ep a secret why not
Why blow up my spot cause we both got hot
Now check it, I got more Mack than Craig and on the ride
Believe me sweety I got enough to feed the needy
No need to be greedy I got mad friends with Treks
C-notes by the layers, true fuckin players
Jump on the bike and ride over
tell your friends jump on the tandem,
I got the muscle milk by the tree

[I love it when you call me big ri-dah]
Throw your chains in the air, if youse a true ridahh
[I love it when you call me big ri-dah]
To the honies gettin money racin’ bikerz like dummies
[I love it when you call me big ri-dah]
If you got a gu up in your waist
please don`t gel up the place
Cause I see some ladies tonight
who should be havin my baby

Straight up honey really I`m askin
Most of these ridaz think
they be mackin but they be actin
Who they attractin with that line,
`What`s your bike’s brand, what’s your race time`
Soon as he races up by, I just creep up from behind
And ask what how much your bike weighs, when you go ridin’
Things to make you smile, what numbers to dial
You gon` be here for a while, I`m gon` go call my crew
You go call your crew
We can rendezvous at the coffee shop around two
Plans to leave, throw the locks to Lil Cease
Pull the bike up, front, and roll up the next blunt
So we can steam on the way to the telly go fill my belly
Carbs, protein and a recovery shake
Conversate for a few, cause in a few, we gon` do
What we came to do, ain`t that right boo [truuuueee]
Forget Le Tour we just go to the crib
and watch a Breaking Away in the jacuzzi
smoke l`s while you do me

p.s. Tupac > Biggie

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