Street Sign of the Day: 2

So all the angry people that replied to this post would probably support this sign.

The top sign is all like ‘suck my fart! On your LEFT, MUTHAFUKKKAAHHH!!’. Also note that the cyclist is on aero bars, which means he would also have very poor control of his bike.

The bottom sign is all like ‘I am prim and proper! No aero bars! And my right foot is unclipped in case I need to come to a stop!’ (puke)

How would you interpret the signs? If you have a sign you want me to post, comment with the url!

5 thoughts on “Street Sign of the Day: 2

  1. I would interpret this as a "slow down and be prepared" sign. I agree that the pictured biker unclipping is a bit extreme unless there is a stop ahead around a blind corner or if there's gravel in the road, but there are different signs for those situations… well at least there is up here in the Seattle area. Since I do most of my riding on mixed-use trails (Burke-Gillman and Sammamish River), I have learned the area's that are safe to mob through and those that are not. I'll admit I don't always follow the stop signs or the walk your bike signs. Where I make the judgement call to disobey is as follows. For stop signs, A: I can see there is no traffic for 500+ ft in either direction and I'm slowed down enough to react to that changing. B: I am commuting at 5am and I am the only person on the road/trail and would be able to see headlights if that were different. As for the walk your bike sections, I am usually able to handle myself enough with one foot unclipped and riding at 2.5 mph… only ran into the sign once, but it is also a county law if you are riding on the sidewalk that you are supposed to walk your bike across the sidewalk. Yes I know, sidewalk riding isn't that great, but if there's no bike lane or large enough of a median and I can't keep up with traffic… I will play it safe and get out of the road and onto the sidewalk. I would rather fall over because I lost balance behind a walker that chooses to stop in the middle of the sidewalk for no reason (not hitting them, just embarrassing and hurting myself). I really hate sidewalk riding, anyway, there are too many grooves and trees/signs to make you wreck. And yes I have crashed into one of those signs before… I was riding home after an 18hr shift in torrential rain and was sidewalk riding in the quarter mile section after the bike lane ends and my left turn where the bike lane continues again. I was riding about 12mph with my head turned to check the traffic behind me to see if I could safely make it to the far left turn lane from the side walk without interrupting traffic… Unfortunately, because my head was turned, I slammed neck first into a speed limit sign… talk about embarrassing! Anyways what do you, obviously more experienced riders, feel about sidewalk riding? Are you like me and feel it is ok if the circumstances leave you with no other choice, or do you feel that you should never ride on the sidewalk and try to find an alternate, bike friendly route?

    • Every time I end up on a sidewalk, some kind of catastrophe occurs. I'm still getting over an injury from the last time. owww.

      But yes, I think there are times when there is almost no choice but sidewalk. We've all been there. But it's really that /last choice/, yanno?

      What I'm griping about is the segment of population that uses the side walk.. even if there is a bike line RIGHT THERE on the road! (I've seen this soo many times).

      But you bring up a good point re: bike friendly route.The reason I got in my last accident was that I didn't want to bike the four blocks (which in LA is a bajillion miles long) to a more bike friendly route, and was trying to get home as fast as possible. What a mistake. It took me twice as long to get home and now my elbow is still jacked from falling six feet onto a street where cars go 50 MPH. I could have gotten killed due to my laziness.

      Of course, the bike activist in me thinks 'that street should have a bike lane!' lol

      I hope you are OK from your spills!

  2. tee hee, air farts. And the second pic cyclist is holding it in and puckering. Bwwaaahhha hahhaaa. Sorry, this made my inner teen come out.

  3. Sidewalks are a classic road accident waiting to happen. I never ride the sidewalk on a road bike and for three good reasons. One, pedestrians (walking targets) generally don't get out of the way; two, someone is always throwing something in to flat your tire; and three, corners- major blind spot- cars don't look and don't always care. If you're going to ride on the sidewalk, evaluate the kind of bike you're on: road bikes are almost always safer on the street- especially during snow season; commuters are sidewalk material and MTB's definitely sidewalks unless theres a nearby trail that'll beat traffic anyday. Your speed and riding style will always make sidewalks an inconvenience and roads are funner anyway. Just nexttime, watchout for the signs; and if there's traffic between you and the next bike lane, don't try to make it unless your already in the road then give em' a lesson in courtesy if they don't let you have your space.

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