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While biking up a long, long, long hill the other day, and crawling down to maybe only 5-7 MPH, I saw a sign that said ‘Slow Bikes On Right’. I THINK what the sign was trying to say is that cars should be slow around the bends (lots of blind turns) because there are bikes on the right shoulder.

But my first thought was ‘no problem. I’ll stay to the right, because I’m slow’. Then I realized that it was meant for cars. I then spent the next ten minutes mulling over the sign and being deeply amused (and waiting for another cyclist to pass me).

I tried Googling for the sign and can’t find it, which means I’ll have to get a picture next time I’m crawling up the hill.

BUT! In the meantime, I will post a daily biking sign with my interpretation/witty comments as well.

Pucker up, pavement, cuz here I come!

OK So what this sign is saying is railroad tracks (or some other deep road grooving) may cause you to meet the pavement face to face.

I was doing a 75 mile ride a few months ago for the AIDS LifeCycle, and some of the roadies were telling people to walk their bikes over railroad tracks because ‘other people already crashed’.

OK PEOPLE – HERE IS HOW YOU GO OVER RAILROAD TRACKS – Carefully and perpendicular!! TURN your wheel manually if you have to.. do not ride up against them, ride OVER them. Or walk your bike, if you feel safer.

See how the wheel in the sign is turned parallel to the grooves? The wheel went into the groove and got snagged. That is because the cyclist in the sign is dumb and a n00b. Don’t be the goober on the sign, and don’t kiss pavement because the pavement doesn’t kiss back.

Thoughts running through the cyclist’s mind:
1. Nooo! My nose job JUST finished healing!
2. This does not bode well
3. Choose any swear word and amplify by 10
4. Where did my hands go??

What are some other thoughts the cyclist in the picture could be having?
Got a street sign you want me to post about? Comment below with the link!

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5 thoughts on “Street Sign of the Day

  1. If I was the guy in the sign, my thoughts would be "shit this is like that time I tried riding home hella drunk" that or "fucking rain and slippery tracks"

  2. My favorite sign ever was "banana virus quarantine area".

    Can't think up cleverness. Something about WW1 helmets, but that's as far as the joke engine goes before puttering out.

  3. The funniest sign I have ever seen said "Do not feed or molest the alligators" I didn't take a picture of it, but now I wish I did. The only thing I could think of was, "That must be a problem for them to make a sign about it" lol. People amaze me on a daily basis… And thats all I have to say about that! 🙂

    • I have a great one coming up with 'do not feed the ducks' but it has like.. a dead duck on it!? It's hysterical and strange. Molest the alligators huh? Why would anyone even get near one!?

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