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Next few posts will be about the cycling friendly city of Seattle. I went up to visit some friends recently, and fell in love with the city. We went to the space tower (which was built in less than one year for the World’s Fair. I read that off the back of a lego model of the World’s Fair, after stumbling into a group of Japanese school girls. Tentacles ensued). There is also a SCIENCE FICTION MUSEUM!

There are also some very.. descriptive.. cycling signs. How awesome is this sign to the right? Essentially, scream out at pedestrians so you don’t run them over. That is how I interpret this sign.

Here is a proposed exchange from a cyclist’s perspective:
Cyclist: *politely dings bell* ding ding!
Group of pedestrians: *do not heed bell*
Cyclist: *ding ding* “On your left!”
Pedestrians: *do not alter course*
Cyclist: “OUTTA MY WAY!”
Pedestrians: *instead of moving, stop dead in tracks and look around*
Cyclist: “aieeee!!!!!” (near collision miss)
Pedestrians: “Dumb cyclist! hahaha!”

A proposed exchange from the (under represented on this blog) pedestrian perspective:
Pedestrian: *innocently walking as far to the right as possible, to allow for cyclists to pass*
Cyclist: *no prior warning* GET OUTTA MY WAY, A$$HOLES
Pedestrian: *almost gets murdered by cyclist* *cries about how evil cyclists are*

OK Maybe I’m biased. Who wants to write the Pedestrian version of this situation? 🙂

This post is dedicated to my friend Jason, who hosted me in Seattle. He is on a rampage this morning, so the post is fitting.

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