You triggered my Garmin’s HRM – w4m (La Tuna Canyon)

I was biking up La Tuna Canyon (from Sun Valley) when my Garmin 500 detected a heart rate monitor.

“Silly Garmin”, I thought, “I am not wearing a heart rate monitor today”

Then you showed up.. .biking by me like I was standing still. It then clicked – you must have been wearing a heart rate monitor that my Garmin detected. You verbally confirmed that was the case as you rode on, in your sexy black kit.

I then noticed your gorgeous, thick thighs and extremely well developed calves. You must climb hills and/or do sprints often. Your legs were gorgeous, and what I saw of your face, that was gorgeous as well. And your butt was gorgeous.

Do you remember what color my jersey was? Would love to go biking with you or at least chat you up and grope your legs.

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