Duct Tape is not Rim Tape

My trail bike got a flat. Nothing new for anyone that has a bike, except this is the first time I’ve had a flat for the rear tire of the trail bike. Long time readers with amazing memory will recall that I stole this bike from a friend who was neglecting it (for the price of helping remove black widows).

Imagine my surprise of opening up the tire to check the tube to find DUCT TAPE INSIDE THE TIRE WALL. The rim tape had pretty much busted (although it was left in there) and whoever opened up the tire last had tried to use duct tape instead. I messaged my friend and he played ignorant but he got the bike NEW so… not sure what happened there. OK I just messaged him, he says he thinks he took it to a bike shop at some point. asl;kfj

By the way, the duct tape must have done a decent enough job because I’ve had the bike for over a year with no major problems. BUT on the CONVERSE, there was a HUGE hole in the tube (not even patchable), so the duct tape didn’t protect the tube well enough (and it was from rubbing on the inside of the tire, I believe).

Bike Duct Tape

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