Trail Biking vs. Road Biking

So I stole a bicycle from my best friend. He let the bike sit in his garage for ten years and collect black widow spiders.

I’m traditionally a road cyclist. I know how to avoid cars and broken glass like no one’s business. But now I have access to tons of awesome trails, time to start hitting the dirt!


  • The road has good grip – on dirt, your bike SLIDES.
  • Dangerous items on the road (cars) try to avoid you. Dangerous items on the trail (rocks) want to hit you.
  • You are in the middle of nowhere on a trail bike; you are on a charted street when on a road bike
  • The above is also a PRO for trail biking – it’s awesome being in the middle of nature
  • It’s easier to find a tree and fall asleep while trail biking (see picture below)

I swear I did not fall asleep under this tree

In all honesty, trail biking is AWESOME. But I obviously need to work on my skillset. Fortunately, there is a free MTB skills class available right down the street, so me, my pride, and I are going to attend it next month.

Any tips/tricks you recommend? Do you prefer road or trail biking?

what a view!

7 thoughts on “Trail Biking vs. Road Biking

  1. Looks beautiful out there! I mainly ride a road bike because where I live there are way more miles of paved roads than trails, but I would love to go on a nice trail ride someday.

  2. I’m a trail biker, and a fair weather one at that. Scotland is a beautiful country and even the sanitised trail centres afford you some natural, beautiful, breathtaking landscapes that remind me why the rat-race needs to be gotten away from at every opportunity.

    If you can enjoy both forms, then simply the variety on offer has got to be a good thing.

    Ride well. Live long. Watch out for suspicious bushes that leap into your path.

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