Ride2Recovery – Metric Century

This last weekend I biked the longest distance since having thyroid cancer. I did the Ride 2 Recovery metric century (62 miles) while on a low carb diet (this link goes to my low carb blog).

Click here to see the map and specific ride details on my Garmin cycling stats site. I have the Garmin 500 and love it!


  • THIRTY degree difference in temperature while biking!
  • Climbed one of the Santa Monica Mountains at mile 40 (this ride that I did on 4/1)
  • Hollah’ed at a bunch of hot cyclists
  • An embarrassingly slow speed of 12.5 mph 🙁

While coming down the mountain on a narrow road, I had to hold up traffic to get down safely. I couldn’t help but notice some of the beautiful scenery and went back later to get some pics.

Really cool rock face

Really cool rock face

Santa Monica mountains surrounding a small laked

Santa Monica mountains surrounding a small laked

Sadly the ride was very sparse this year; last year there were tons of people. This is a super cool ride – usually there are vets with modified bikes and/or prosthetics (and they are, of course, effing amazing cyclists and usually super hotties, too). AND it’s in conjunction with the Sheriff’s station, so the cops hold up traffic for the cyclists (YEAH) and the lights as well. And they are hot as well.

2 thoughts on “Ride2Recovery – Metric Century

    • Thank you so much!! The biking here is so fantastic with the Santa Monica mountains. I grew up in New England, and the road conditions in SoCal are simply fantastic (no snow to destroy them, and the roads are pre planned so they are nice and wide).

      Thank you for your support <3

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