Ghost Bikes and Girl Bits

After two weeks of NO physical exertion, including being under the weather with continued uterus issues, I decided enough blobbing about – get on the damn bike.

I chose a 20 mile ride through a local canyon that wouldn’t take too long in the waning light of day.

While grabbing some bike shorts, I tried to find ones with thicker padding but couldn’t. I finally resigned myself to the ones at hand, thinking ‘it will be a quick ride, you won’t even notice.’.


20 minutes of climbing (granted it was only really a 3-6% grade) with already sensitive girl bits from uterus issue = owwwwwwwwwie.

La Tuna canyon is great because it has no lights or stop signs. La Tuna canyon is dangerous because it has no lights or stop signs. Cars easily go minimum 50 MPH and whiz right on by.

I got to a blind turn and the road narrowed down to a lane each way, with NO ROOM on the side for even a pedestrian. I started to get a lil nervous and thought “Gee, this sure is a dangerous spot”. I look up and what do I see in that exact turn but a ghost bike.

Picture is not mine but this is the exact bike and sign I saw. <a href=

Image source.” width=”300″ height=”179″ class=”size-medium wp-image-803″ /> Picture is not mine but this is the exact bike and sign I saw.

I said a silent hello to the ghost bike and the rider and spent the next 20 minutes paying meticulous attention to the road so I wouldn’t end up a ghost bike.

Finally made it to the top of the hill, no nice vista in sight. Just tons of garbage on the side of the road the whole way up. Lame.

Cruised down and started singing “she’ll be comin’ ’round the mountain when she comes” at the top of my lungs. This led to dirty thoughts (“when she comes” hehehehehehe) which then brought my attention back to my aching (in a bad way) girl bits.

Quick ride home (all downhill) and only yelled at one stupid pedestrian.

If I got to choose my death, I hope I die (quickly and painlessly) on my bike. And I hope someone puts a ghost bike up in my honor, to remind drivers and cyclists alike to be more careful on the road.

Do they do ghost bikes where you live?

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