Technology Fail, Humanity Win

Been on my new thyroid meds for about a week and finally feeling alive again!

So I decided to go biking on Saturday and was met with a series of FAIL.

1. Was at a friend’s house who said he had a bike pump. He had the $15 Schwinn foot pump, which works OK on like, a cheap Huffy but not on my bike (she said, in a snobby tone). It really did NOT work on my bike (presta valve). I’m sad that Schwinn has become such a junky brand, after being so respected in the 1980’s.

2. I had two CO2 cartridges/CO2 cartridge pump. First CO2 cartridge had already been used by a past-life Sparky who NEVER THREW IT OUT! So I was on the side of the road, put in the new CO2 cartridge, and must have had the pump set to ‘ON’. It shot CO2 all over the place, and at that EXACT moment a car was driving by and I heard them laugh at my misery. asld;fkja;lsdfkj

3. So I drove my bike to a local bike shop to get my tires pumped, and bought a presta-shrader adaptor so I could use a gas station pump in the future. I also bought more CO2 cartridges. /sigh

4. OK SO NOW MY DAMN TIRES ARE READY TO GO and I only have an hour of daylight left. I suit up, I’m out on my bike starting up the first hill, when I realize that I am not able to switch gears. It finally dawns on me that as cool as having electronic shifters are, ELECTRONIC SHIFTERS ARE NO GOOD WHEN THE BATTERY IS EMPTY.

Turned my azz around, went home in defeat.

This stupid thing costs almost $100. It's in my car right now. I bet someone will break into my car just to steal my Shimano Di2 charger.

This stupid thing costs almost $100. It’s in my car right now. I bet someone will break into my car just to steal my Shimano Di2 charger.

SUNDAY I now had a fully charged battery and nicely pumped tires. Nothing was going to stop me now!!

I suited up in my new PINK PLAID ElevenGear jersey with my honkin’ bright pink shorts. And my bike is red and black. It was awesomely hideous.

The Ginger plaid jersey. FINALLY a lightweight long sleeve for those of us that are sick of bike-jersey tan lines!

The Ginger plaid jersey. FINALLY a lightweight long sleeve for those of us that are sick of bike-jersey tan lines!

The wind was atrocious! Right after starting my ride, I encountered an older gentleman who rode with me for a bit. I didn’t know why he kept pace with me, when it was obvious he could have left me in the dust. He finally said he was trying to let me draft off of him but the wind was too erratic.

All I could say was thank you, and that he is truly a gentleman. Stupid technology fail left and right, but humanity showed its way through. His gesture meant a lot to me. I told him to ride off, since I was in poor health and wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Ultimately, I did 28 miles with 3700 ft of climbing on Mulholland in the Santa Monica mountains. It was beautiful. I yelled out loud happily at the top of my lungs while flying down hill and later silently cursed while struggling up one final last hill. Here is my route course, if you are interested.

7 thoughts on “Technology Fail, Humanity Win

  1. It seems there is hope for humanity! Am needing to get my fat bottom (“ass” to my colonial friends) and get out on the bike again.

    You know, when it stops being 37of your American Farenheits and ass-foggy.

    So glad you’re feeling better! X

    • I think this calls for a trip to sunny Los Angeles. We are super blessed with beautiful weather.
      Do they have spin classes where you live? Do you have a trainer? Or do you hibernate in the winter? I totally hibernated for the past few months =X Do you get a lot of snow?

  2. I am most impressed with your ride! Good for you, 28 hilly miles is nothing to sneeze at! I would like to ride Mulholland Drive someday! Is there a lot of traffic?


    • Thank you!

      No, Mulholland (especially in the mountains) doesn’t tend to have a lot of traffic. On nice weekends, what it does have are large numbers of motorcyclists and people who want to drive very, very fast. Then there are the regulars who are fortunate enough to live back up in the hills, who drive slow (and also tend to be the jerks that honk at me). I don’t mind the motorcyclists, because you can hear them approach, and they are our street-bruthas. The racers tend to be pretty respectful and will give you space if they can. Overall, it’s a safe ride and has fantastic views!

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  4. So glad you like the Ginger jersey! It was begging to be made. I used mine on a 60 mile midsummer/mid-day trip around Oahu and was grateful to be kept out of the sun the whole time. Take care, and thanks for your story. -Rick

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