Random Thoughts for the Day

So not only is my life extremely interesting, but pretty darn humorous as well.*
Here are some putterings from the past two days:

–The most dangerous part of my commute is passing the McDonald’s. People swerve across several lines to cut across the bike lane and into the drive through. Then on the other end, you have people exiting the drive through, too busy focusing on their delicious Egg McMuffin to notice a not as delicious cyclist. You must be extremely aware and alert to survive the McDonald’s drivers. You must also supress the desire to get an iced coffee and shove it into your water bottle holder. One of these days, I’m SO going to try that.

–I take at least an hour to truly wake up after getting out of bed. I collapsed into bed last night at 7 PM and woke up** around 8. Actually got into work in time for breakfast. Numerous people said hello to me while I was walking to my office. Think of Homer Simpson trying to recall something. It was like the effin’ Dewey Decimal system trying to identify the humans and greet them back appropriately. And these aren’t just random humans, these are people I consider friends. Morning brain is comparable to 1870’s classification system.

–For the first time EVER, I am being allowed to bike with my niece and nephew (while attended by their helicopter parents). I am also allowed to lecture them on bike safety. Apparently things are cooler coming from the Awesome Aunt then the Boring Parents. While talking with my brother yesterday, I find out both his son and wife had a small bike accident while attempting to ride on a crowded foot path.

Me: “Why didn’t you just get off the bikes?”
Him: “That kind of defeats the purpose”
Me: “PART of bike safety is knowing WHEN to get OFF the bikes! GOOD JUDGEMENT”
Him: “Doh”

–**I bought these mouse toys that squeak whenever the cats poke at them. They were really cute until they got carried into my bedroom at 4AM this morning. SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK ARGGHGHG

–My blueberry muffin needs more blueberries. It’s like how raisin bran needs more raisins.

    *In my extremely biased and subjective opinion

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