Bike Lock #FAIL

So for all my griping about bike theft and posting videos about how to lock your bike, I realized today I am a major hypocrite.

Worst.Bike Lock.Ever.

This is the ONLY bike lock I own. That’s it. And it’s already been chewed/rubbed in half. This is the worst kind of bike lock – one quick snip and your bike is a goner. And yet do I have a u-lock? Do I actually have a real bike lock? No.

Why? Hmm I’m not sure so here are my thoughts on why I suck so bad when it comes to securing my OWN bikes.

1. My road bike doesn’t leave my sight, or really, is never beyond immediate reach. I even bring it into fast food places when I go to get a water bottle refill.

2. My commuter bike is usually in a high security area (although this didn’t stop someone from jacking a bike at work the other week)

3. I think I subconsciously want my commuter bike to be stolen so I can get something better (that is horrible, I feel bad saying it)

4. I am a cheap bastard. I can spend hundreds of dollars on a helmet, but not $30 on a lock. This makes absolutely no sense. I can’t rationalize this one at all.

I almost considered asking friends to pool together and get me a good bike lock for my birthday next week, but that is weak sauce.

What kind of bike lock do you have?

12 thoughts on “Bike Lock #FAIL

  1. I’m in the same boat. I have a similar lock, and I almost never use it because, like you said, my bike is never out of my sight.

    I only have one bike at the moment, but I’d like to get a “beater-bike” to ride around the city. One that I intend to spend <$200, but I'll lock it up so that I don't get stranded.

    I keep saying I'm going to do this…

    I'd love a new commuter, too.. we'll see…

  2. I have both a U-lock and the rope one! As you’ll remember, I was a victim of bike theift about a year and a half ago. 6 months ago I got myself a brand new Specialized Sirrius (hybrid) and I do NOT want a repeat of what happened last time. The U-lock keeps the bike to a post and the chain goes around the front and back tires to slow down someone after a wheel… then it’s covered by a tarp… outta sight, outta mind. Oh, a second U-luck keeps Ernie’s bike locked to mine as well! So, most times, 2 u-locks!! 🙂

    • I was sooo unhappy for you when your bike got jacked!! CONGRATS on the new bike purchase! Have you been taking it out on the beach path? 🙂 Are you commuting to work with it?

      NICE re: tarp, ulocks, and combining them for extra safety. Just don’t u-lock Ernie’s cat to the bikes!

  3. One of these puppies:

    bordo lock

    Not that it’s needed, with my bike sitting in my storage unit for the last 2 years…

    Bonus- with that thing in your hand you feel like you could brutally flail a rhino into submission.

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