Pervasive Pinkness

For a sport still dominantly inhabited by men, there is a helluva lot of pink in cycling.

I think it’s partly due to the TMobile telecom team and their fabulous fuschia kits.

While perusing cycling related stuff the other day, I stumbled across the following three items.


Although I’m not a huge fan of Specialized, I’d take this Hot Pink S-Works Tarmac any day.

Specialized made these custom pink stripe shoes for Alberto Contador, proving that European men have more flair than their American counterparts.

I was in a bike shop that day and saw these pink SpeedPlay pedals. Nice. I didn’t even know the pedals came in different colors. Is this going too far? I don’t even know anyone that rides with SpeedPlay pedals.

Any pink bike related stuff you completely love? OR is it super lame?

One thought on “Pervasive Pinkness

  1. I ride SpeedPlay pedals, I don’t really like them that much – too much motion where my foot attaches to the pedal, but they were on the bike when I bought it. If you would like to “give” me some Dura Ace pedals that would be great. I would forever be in your debt.

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