TdF Hotties: Iván Velasco Murillo

Oh, Ivan. This delicious Spaniard rides for Euskaltel-Euskadi. Alas! He had a bad crash in Stage 5, broke his collarbone (although was man enough to finish the day), and is out for the rest of the tour (he had to have an operation, ugh). Stage 5 was a rough one, taking down quite a few riders, including the much maligned Contador.

Don’t worry, Ivan! I’d be MORE than happy to nurse you back to health!!

Click pic for a close up

Some sexy stats:

  • 31 years old! But looks ten years younger ;D
  • Didn’t go pro until 26 years old
  • Accident prone
  • Is guest blogging at
  • Basque
  • Married with at least one child 🙁
  • Has an engineering degree
  • Does not look good in orange
  • When he was 26, he had both ears pierced
  • There is a male model named Bernardo Velasco (NSFW!!!) that keeps showing up in the Google image searches

OK, I think this poor kid is being hidden under a rock. He’s on a major cycling team in THE tour of the year, and I can’t find any darn information about him (even after Google Translating a slew of Sites en Espanol). Much less any decent pictures or interviews with him!

Hotness like this must be EXPLOITED.

I paid money to see Thor. You know why? Because I wanted to see the main actor topless. No, not Natalie Portman. I’ve seen guys with bigger boobs than her. And it’s why I watch True Blood. Eric the Northman – OINK OINK OINK.

Women! Rise up and exploit the male gender in the way they exploit us! Don’t be the holla back girl – be the holla initiator!!

You may be squinty in this pic, but I still wanna holla-initiate you

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