3 AM Mind Dump aka Life is Never Boring…

I made the mistake of happily ‘complaining’ that my life is nicely boring to someone last week. This is a good thing; my life can be WAY too interesting at times and it gets tiring. Interesting is hard to keep up with.

All that changed this Monday.

Quick review of the past few days:
7/21 – Tagged along on a Category 1 semi pro cyclist’s recovery ride. That was fun, and it is very amusing to be told that I am good to practice with because I “keep him slow”. Love it. Also told I’m “funny”. I get that a lot. I guess I’m humorous*. Yay.

7/22 – Family member passed away. I am going home soon to help spread her ashes

7/23 – Helped a friend buy a bike but didn’t get time to ride

7/24 – Sheer laziness and blamed the heat, did not ride (#fail). Tried to console Dad – one of his closest friends (of the past 25 years!) committed suicide after a bad prescription cocktail completely messed up his mental demeanor**.

7/25 – Got a phone call during the day that has now changed not only this week but my entire life.
I can’t share the details yet. Still getting my head wrapped around the situation.

Someone asked me today, “why aren’t you crying? why aren’t you screaming?”
Yesterday, another person mentioned “you sure are taking this well!”

Well, what can you do? First of all, I am super blessed in life. I have access to resources that many people don’t. Ultimately everything will be OK. I have my family and friends to support me. It was really hard telling my family, I don’t want them to be scared or worried.

It left me a little distracted at work today, which is inexcusable to me. So I am hoping that mind dumping/blogging about things can help keep me more focused. And not wake me up at 3 AM.

SO! Let me tell yah – life is NEVER truly boring. And just when you are hoping it will be, bam! Right in tha kissa!

*Being humorous does not get me dates.

**The god awful Percocet. Side effects include depression and suicide. I am not kidding. I had this exact reaction to the drug myself after getting some wisdom teeth pulled and taking it as a pain killer.

4 thoughts on “3 AM Mind Dump aka Life is Never Boring…

  1. Sorry to hear about your loss of a family member and the tragedy that has fallen upon your dad. Head up.
    Had a mishap on the bike and busted my fork and front wheel. New frame is going to cost me $3600 and it’s not going to be in stock until Sept. Grrr. Still insignificant compared to what you’re going through though.

    • Oh, thank you for your kind words!

      Are you ok??? What happened to your bike? I would be SO livid if that hapened to me!! Do you have a back up bike?

      • Riding in the dark early in the morning before I go to work, caught something on the road which jerked the bike enough to make me unclip and shove my foot into the front wheel. The resulting interference between foot, spokes and fork caused a fracture on the fork. Really dumb accident. All is not lost though, my friends at Cynergy are loaning me a bike for a week and they are confident they can source a new fork for me. Once the new Shimano Di2 Dura-Ace group comes out I plan on getting a new bike and this one will be my backup. Luckily no major injuries, just a sore elbow from hitting the deck.
        Did you get to ride today?

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