7.5 miles of street closed to cars in LOS ANGELES?

Normally when you hear miles and miles of street being closed to cars in Los Angeles, you would think that hell froze over. And that there are a lot of angry motorists in that part of town. Well, both are pretty much true. It snowed recently in L.A. (!!! – and sadly, on the day I was moving TO the part of town snowing, UGH) and there were a lot of unhappy motorists/residents.


CicLAvia 2011 did just that.

“Two more CicLAvias are planned for July 10 and Oct. 9, and organizers hope to turn it into a monthly event in 2012.

“One day, we’re going to do this virtually every week,” said Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who cycled the course with seven-time Tour de France-winner Lance Armstrong. “It starts here.””

Well, I look forward to those next two events in July & October. CicLAvia has teamed up with LACBC who is helping CicLAvia get on their feet as a non profit. I did some volunteer work for LACBC and now graduate school is over, hope to get more involved.

If I knew that Lancey was gonna be roaming the streets of LA, I would have canceled my day plans (sorry, darlin) and stalked Mr. Armstrong.

And Mayor Villaraigosa -it isn’t that we need to do it “every week”. It’s that LA needs to become so cycling friendly that more people can consider it as a commuting alternative to vehicles. If you live less than five miles from your work, you can bike. Easy. We don’t need the streets closed for an event. We need the streets made safe for cycling.

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