Wear it with pride

I don't think this model is a cyclist or over age 18

While wandering through Target yesterday, I glanced over at the women’s clothing and saw the shirt on the right. Now, I took a picture with my cell phone, but looked up the shirt on the website and stole their image for higher quality purposes. I am concerned that the faceless model is truly 16 years old and is a Miley Cyrus fan. The shirt is a hideous yellow that looks good on NO ONE and is cut in such a way that it would make my arms look fat. Damn you, cap sleeves!

While wandering through Facebook the other day, I glanced over at the ads section and clicked through to Apres Velo. I found a shirt that made me chortle (which sounds kind of like ‘hehehe’) and below is a pic. Get it? Behind bars? Like, being jailed? Handle bars? *Queue Chortle* Only comes on the Men’s shirt though.

Finally, a friend sent me the link to a shirt with the image I often use on this blog and the Facebook group. Really? How much more awesome can this shirt really be? It’s crude, lewd and totally on point. You can buy the shirt here. While you are at it, buy me one, too. My birthday is in a few days.

Now THIS is a shirt

Note the difference between the model used for this shirt (tattoos, probably a cyclist, over 18) versus the model from the Target picture (Miley Cyrus look alike, under 18, non cyclist).

Now which shirt would you rather buy and wear? Did I miss any really cool casual cycling lovers shirt?

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