Street Sign of the Day: 3

OK So there are a few things I love about this sign:

1. I bet people in cars think this is targeted to remind CYCLISTS to share the road
2. I bet people on bikes think this is targeted to remind DRIVERS to share the road
3. The bike is pacing the car
4. We needed to be reminded there are laws in place concerning the road
5. No helmet on the cyclist
6. For a stick figure, the cyclist has a nice butt

I bet the cyclist is thinking: Goddamn car. Move ON or move OVER, a$$hole! Don’t you see the sign? WE SHARE the road! I am a vehicle too!

The car is thinking: Goddamn bike. Why don’t you go bike on a bike path? Or drive a car instead?

By the way, this sign is part of a new sharrows effort in Cincinatti.

What do you think bike / car is thinking? Got a street sign you want to share – post the url in a comment!

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