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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a product review, mostly because I haven’t bought anything and the stuff I’ve been given by companies have been lame. I won’t review a sub-par product.

Action Wipes reached out to me and sent me their product. My first thought was ‘ok. body wipes. hm.’. But after using them, there is a very noticeable difference between these and say, baby wipes (which I know a lot of people use).

Product shot:

Action packed?

Action packed?

The setting in which I got messy:

Bike Trainer and Cupcake Wars. #winning

Bike Trainer and Cupcake Wars. #winning

The Standard Bike Grease/Chain “tattoo”:


Dirty Leg.

Post scrub down with the Action Wipe:

Clean Leg

Clean Leg.

I also used these after a long ride on the girl parts and dirt-and-bike-grease encrusted hands.

-Although it has eucalyptus, it’s very lightly scented and the scent doesn’t stay with you
-Does a good job at removing dirt. You gotta rub a little hard to get all the bike grease off, but it DOES work (it actually LATHERS!)
-The size ‘Large’ is LARGE. So you only need to use one to tackle whole body (unless you fell into a mud puddle)
-Gentle on the girl bits
-Leaves skin feeling smooth and soft
-Individually wrapped so they don’t all go dry by the next time you need one

-Feels initially ‘sticky’ until it dries. This only lasts a minute, then it’s smooth and soft

You can buy them here on Amazon – they come out to a buck each but like I said, you only need to use one per use. Just double check the ingredients in case you have a known allergy.

There is also a multi-pack option (kind of like baby wipes) which is pretty cool.

Thanks, Action Wipes, for the samples and innovating a useful product!

Product courtesy of Action Wipes

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