Cluck Cluck Yuck!

So before I had my eating epiphany, I really WAS trying to make an effort to eat more at home, and not just Lean Cuisine frozen meals. Hey, laugh all you want – as a single chick, Lean Cuisines are pretty awesome and convenient. When they were on sale for $2 each, I would leave the grocery store with at least 20+ in my cart. And get that pitying stare from the cashier that says “Ah. I see you are Single. And probably have Cats.”. Yeah yeah yeah. Maybe I do have cats. But uhh… anyways.

So I had bought a bag of Tyson ‘Grilled and Ready’ chicken breasts, thinking ‘gee, so convenient and healthy!’. I forgot about this sack of flesh, living rent free in my freezer, until I noticed it yesterday and looked at the nutrition.

Nutritional Info for the product

Nutritional Info for the product

What gets me is that they say the product has ‘no preservatives’. Then WHY IS THERE SODIUM PHOSPHATES IN THERE?

And there are there FIVE types of sugar/starches: maltodextrin, sugar, dextrose and molasses, and modified food starch.

Also, in just the 3 OZ of the serving size on the package is 470mg of SODIUM. Holy moly! For comparison, regular chicken breast (3 OZ) has ~60mg of sodium.

Needless to say, that sack of flesh is going into the garbage. I feel sad that those chickens lost their lives to become such an unsafe product. And that is what my laziness would have cost me – ingesting various crap and chemicals in lieu of sautéing the damn chicken in a pan for a few minutes. And I don’t even want to think about what is in the Lean Cuisines.

Sometimes I wish I still lived in ignorance about what I eat. 🙁

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