New Bike!! BMC TeamMachine

I got a new bike the other week – a BMC Team Machine SLR01 with the Ultegra Di2 components. The electronic shifters are pretty sweet – tap of the button and ‘click’, done! I might have to change the name of this blog, cuz hopefully I won’t be throwin’ my chain anymore with my nifty new shifters. Here is a link to the bike’s page with all the technical information if you are interested.

I really loved the Pinarello Paris but you really gotta Go Dogma or Go Home with a Pinny, and those are way out of my price range. I’ll be honest, the BMC was probably out of my price range. Between grad school, cancer, and some bad relationship decisions (don’t buy a house with someone that hasn’t put a ring on it yet), the past two years have been extremely costly for me. If my Trek5200 was the right size for me, I never would have changed out my bike. Honestly, I should have tried a Trek Madone but I was enamored with the BMC.

Also got the Garmin 500 (sans HRM and cadence); I dig the ability to now see the grade of the hill I’m on. I was on a 15% grade and almost fell backwards when I got out of the saddle. *hah*

Below is a picture of my sexy bike. My friend is going to take action shots of me ON the bike this weekend. 🙂

hello there, hottie!

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