Biking while … ?

While slothing around on Facebook tonight, a friend posted something that brought back some cycling memories.

I attended a school called University of Southern California (USC) for my undergraduate years. Many students biked around campus.

But they didn’t just bike. They also biked:

  • while smoking cigarettes
  • talking on their cellphones
  • biking with no underwear in short skirts
  • probably biking drunk
  • without helmets, ever*

I’m included in that last category. No one biked with a helmet on.
And I’ll admit to it – I used to bike in full on Goth garb- wig, corset, big boots, long skirts, etc. Oh man. Not easy to bike to class while dolled up in opera length gloves and a corset! 🙂

What is the weirdest thing you have seen others do while cycling?

3 thoughts on “Biking while … ?

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  2. Oddest thing I’ve seen was a guy in a Guerrilla suit riding a unicycle… fine in a cold parade… but it was on the commuter trail 5 miles from the closest trail entrance, and it was 90F out… i gagged on the idea of how hot he was while i rode by…

    Oddest thing I’ve ever worn while riding was a full formal kimono set… Kimono, under kimono, hakama, haori, geta and 3 different obi. Was for halloween and i didn’t want to change when I got to work. the big nasty part was tying back the legs of the hakama so they don’t get caught on the seat or in the gears… and what was surprising was how well geta fit over the clipless petals, it was almost like riding with clip-in petals in that your foot slides out of the sandal strap the same way your shoe slides out of the “clip”

    • That is /awesome/ Wow, I could see how that would be tough to not get caught up in the bike. Do you have pics of this costume??

      And oddly enough, I will never forget seeing some odd dude biking around LA in geta… and he made it looks so effortless.

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