Commuting in the Cold

OK when I say “cold”, I mean “Los Angeles cold”, which is in the 50s. I can hear some of you laughing at me.

So a month after my surgery, I’m back on the ‘bike to work’ kick. My lazy self could have easily done this a week or two prior, but I’ve been fat and sassy the past few weeks.
No, really. I’ve been pigging out. I was convinced that my post thyroidectomy lifestyle would be SO healthy, but it hasn’t been.

I blame mom. She keeps cooking all this delicious food, and I keep eating it. Can you blame me? When YOU come home to mom-made rice pudding, you tell ME how you not eat that.

The Enemy

So yesterday the last meeting of the day ran late, and it was my first ‘night commute’ home in quite awhile.

Front and rear lights blinking, nifty reflective bike wrappers and my beautifully hideous ElevenGear Traffic Master jersey.

So Bad it's Good

I have wanted this jersey for TWO years and finally bought it for myself a few months ago.
Now the weather is “chilly”, I busted it out last night and it did the trick. I felt warm, snuggly, and eye shockingly atrocious.

I mean, how can someone hit me with their car and say they didn’t see me, while wearing something like that!? Hell, the jersey comes with the United States Universal Vehicle Code, §11-1205 on the sleeve, just in case you want to start ranting at a motorist. Which I often do.

What do YOU do to stay visible at night on your bike?

One thought on “Commuting in the Cold

  1. I mostly just use LEDs front and back, although in recent years I also wore my work coveralls (winter, dark, Canada, ’nuff said) which were covered in Scotchlite. Even then I nearly got run over in my own company’s parking lot, and the driver went and complained to the boss that I wasn’t visible. Well, I guess if you’re not looking, then that would be true.

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