TdF Hotties: Martin Mortensen

Last year I did a review of the Hotties of Team RadioShack.

This year, I’m going to do a broader search and highlight the Hotties of the Tour de France.

Now, in general, professional cyclists are not generally “sexy”. Don’t get me wrong – I luv ’em long and lean, but they also have terrible farmers tans, are lighter than me by 20+ pounds, and for some reason have goofy faces.

But do not despair! There are over 20 teams competing in Le Tour, with at least a dozen+ riders each. Out of that, we can find ourselves some drool worthy babes.

For the first TdF hottie, I bring you Martin Mortensen, of Team Leopard Trek!

He likes it rough mrowrrrr

  • This adorable Danish cupcake is 26 years old
  • Leopard Trek is the same team the Schlek brothers are on – cuties, but not as cute as Martin!
  • 5’11” (1.81m) – hey, taller than me!
  • Seems to get in a lot of scrapes – he is scabby in a good 1/3 of the pics I’ve found
  • Took 18th place in the Men’s TT Jr. World Championship at age 17
  • Adorable dimples on that sweet baby face

OK enough with the bullet points. Here are some more pictures with additional raunchy captions!

That kit really uh draws the eyes...

Luv them dimples and cute hair!

Straddle me, not the bike!

Nice boxers. oink la la!

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