More Naked-ness

About a year ago I tried riding my bicycle naked to rather squishy and uncomfortable results.

Fast forward a year and thousands in Portland go Ridin’ Nekkid. Probably also to squishy and uncomfortable results. The link title is pretty descriptive alone, so I won’t go into detail, but the ride is to bring awareness to environmental issues. But what this blog entry is about are the comments that people posted in response to the article.

I will admit – one of my favorite past times is reading user comments to Yahoo articles. Somehow it always comes down to blaming Obama or some weird theories that 200 people hit thumbs up on and 582238 hit thumbs down on. I don’t know. But I seriously cry in laughter reading them. And this article had some good ones. So here are some choice comments from the article, so you don’t have to wade through all the weirdos:

  • I don’t get the connection between riding nude and protecting the environment. If it were about protesting trade with China where 99% of our clothing gets manufactured, well, that I could understand.
  • Most people look better if they’re not naked. No pun intended but I’m grading on a curve!
  • Shortly after the ride they held a bike seat wash for charity. Skid marks cost extra.
  • i was recently arrested for public nudity. 3 days in jail, 250 dollar fine, 25 hours community service
  • Do not buy used bikes in Portland.
  • Man, I thought it was bad worrying about getting my pants leg caught in the chain.
  • Let me know when Naked Sitting on Wicker Furniture becomes a trend. Sounds about as comfortable as being naked on a bike seat.
  • I ride my bike naked everyday; and the police always stay in chase to help me ride faster.

  • Wanted: Bicycle seat worn by hot woman under 30 for Portland World Naked Bike Ride. Must not be ridden since or cleaned.

And for some reason, there was an abundant amount of Anthony Weiner jokes. I don’t really get it. He is an internet creeper and is now somehow associated with naked cycling for environmental awareness? Whu?

Blessed Yahoo! comments… always a wonderful representation of Americana that I like to pretend doesn’t exist.

4 thoughts on “More Naked-ness

  1. Nekkid folks riding bikes at Burning Man always disturb me. Bike seat already hurts my booty…I don’t need abrasion added to the mix!

    • At least the fine layer of alkaline dust coating both bike and squishy flesh surfaces prevents that sizzling noise when usually-moist anatomy hits desert-sun-scorched seat.

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