Good Samaritan: Would you pick up a stranded cyclist?

I'm only 56 miles from home...

I never figured I’d be writing another post about being a good Samaritan, but hey, here it is.

While slothing at a red light waiting to make a left turn, I checked out a good lookin’ cyclist taking a left onto the street.

BAM!! His tire blows out in the middle of the intersection and he pulls off to the side. Suck.

So I leaned out the window and HOLLAAAHHHHH’d!!!!!!!!!!

OK well I leaned out the window and said ‘Hey! You got what you need to change your tire?’

Cyclist says he does.

I then go “wanna ride? I got plenty of room” (I should mention to you fabulous readers that I drive a Mazda3 hatchback. I know, pretty ballah. Who WOULDN’T want to ride along in that?)

Cyclist replies that he lives “right down the street” and then pathetically walks his fancy road bike (while waking in cleated shoes) to the stop light.

So here again lies the questions:
1. If you were in the cyclist’s position, would you have taken that ride? Mind you, I’m female, cyclist in question was male.
2. Have you ever taken a lift from a random stranger due to technical issues with your mobility?

8 thoughts on “Good Samaritan: Would you pick up a stranded cyclist?

  1. If I was in a populated area…I would NOT accept a ride. Just for the simple fact that I could call someone to come get me. On the other hand, I ride in the boonies (aka KANSAS country roads). If you break down out there….you might not see a house for miles. You’d better take the first ride offered! Chances are your cell phone won’t have signal, and Farmer Joe isn’t interested in killing ya he’s just tending his cattle. 😉

  2. 1. No, but i would accept help at changing it. You could be trying to harvest my kidneys though.

    2. Years ago i was on a mtb trip with my brother. VW baja with bikes on the back. On the way back something broke while we were in the middle of nowhere. A nice farmer rolling by on a tractor offered to tow us. He threw a chain down and we latched it onto the front bumper. We got towed us to the nearest gas station a bit away. That’s the only accepted offer that I can think of.

  3. 1: Depends on if it’s a good looking girl offering the ride or not… I am single and if they are showing bike love and are an attractive female. HELL YAH (and from the few pics I’ve seen of you, I’d take the ride)

    2: Out of all the times I have been without means of fixing my bike I have either been able to get a ride from a coworker or hop on the bus (which here in the seattle area have bike racks)… only time I have been offered help on the trail was a good looking chic cyclist but I was only adjusting the magnet for my bike comp. because I was losing signal and it was a new comp… come to find out it is one of 2 area’s I ride through that just confuses the receivers… but yeah, no hot girlies picking up on me makes me a sad panda

  4. 1. NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!! Maybe I grew up watching too many scary movies and Charles Bronson Death Wish movies when something bad always happens in parking garage or when accepting rides from strangers but he said he lived nearby, so he was safe and could walk home. Ok, maybe if it was a woman if it was a male, I would just walk home.

    2. Never, never, ever!!!! See answer 1. Too much of a scary cat. 🙁

  5. 1. I never thought of asking a biker if he had what he needed to fix his bike so maybe that comes from a fellow biker? Thus I would say yes to the ride – brotherhood/sisterhood of riding.

    2. No. And unfortunately, ever since what happened at myspace, I don’t offer rides to women anymore.

  6. I’d be like, “took her to the limousine still parked outside
    tipped the chauffeur when it was over, I gave her mah own ride!”

    1) It would depend on the distance to my destination. Close- no. Far far- yes.
    Of course, lots of variables- if there’s somebody sitting in the back seat next to me, No, it would be too easy for them to attack me. If I’m alone with the driver, I think my chances are good, so Yes.

    2) Yes, I have. But this was back in Hawaii, where you can hitch-hike with a reasonable expectation of survival.

  7. one time i was in a state park along the coast of Virginia on some road trip with my friend and my bike got a flat. there really wasn’t much we could do, so i stuck my thumb out. within seconds some nice soon to be Sophomore military school boys from Delaware picked me up and my friend road back to town. One rode in the back with my bike and i sat up front with the driver and talked with someone I wouldn’t have ever had a chance to and it was fun.

    I say yes, it ok, but it’s good to be safe.

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