The Hotties of Team Radioshack: Trek Madone 6.9

Awooooooooooga! Continuing on with a review of the Hotties of Team Radioshack, I bring you the Trek Madone 6.9! The Trek Madone 6.9 is a hot ride I wouldn’t mind straddling between my legs!!


  • Each Tour de France frame takes 28 hours to hand paint
  • Full SRAM Red drive train for extra lightness
  • For techie geeks like me, integrated speed and cadence wireless sensors built in
  • BB90 allows for increased stiffness and decreases the weight of the bike
  • Wider bearing = wider fork legs = better bracing angle (ohhh yeahhhh)

Trek doesn’t make custom bikes for the team – all the guys on Team Radioshack use stock bikes, so I technically COULD go and take one for a ride! I see a few listed on Craigslist for ~$4000. *dreamy sigh*

hey baby.. wanna go for a ride?

Fan of Trek? Or not?

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