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Got a heart rate monitor? Monitor your heart rate at the gym or while out running/biking?
Desperately trying to keep it in a certain zone? Well, hell, that zone may have been wrong the whole time. Researchers are now saying that the heart rate zones are too high.

Of course, it’s all about averages and everyone is different. I truly feel my heart rate is higher than average. You are best off getting a VO2 test (I am so obsessed with getting a VO2 test) to find out at what point/heart rate you go anaerobic. That’d be so cool.

Ultimately, I use my heart rate monitor to let me know when I’m over exerting or being lazy. If it’s not beeping, I need to start pushing harder. If it’s over beeping, I need to slow down. Or sometimes, I just get really tired of the beeping and put it on silent. hahaha! Take that, heart rate monitor!

come to mama

Even more interesting, studies are showing that recovery drinks with protein may not do any good for women. All those studies that showed the benefits of recovery drinks? Done with only men. That’s just great.

Hey! Guess what, researchers! Maybe you don’t get laid enough to notice, but women are different than men! Apparently women don’t carbo-load as well, either; “researchers found that women did not pack carbohydrates into their muscles as men did”. Well hell, that’s not gonna stop me from pigging out on pasta the night before a century. I just need an excuse to carbo load. Mmmm, pasta.

The final paragraph of the study succinctly states what we fine ladies all need to keep in mind:
“…female athletes should view with skepticism the results from exercise studies that use only male subjects. As Dr. Rowlands says — echoing a chorus of men before him — when it comes to women, there’s a great deal that sports scientists “just don’t understand.””

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