Opening post!

Although I will pretty much summarize the same thing in my ‘About Me’ page, I figured I’d make an opening post.

This blog will heavily focus on my dream to do a double century – two hundred miles on a bike.

I have already done two centuries – one this last weekend, and one a month prior. Also signed up for a double metric century (126 miles) for August. Oi, I have a lot of training to do!

By end of April, I was in great shape. I had no problem with the first century (Tour de O.C.) and felt I could KEEP ON BIKIN’! Then I got nose surgery (to fix a twice broken nose that was causing me a ton of pain, and YES, we did a cosmetic fix on the tip, since it was collapsed since childhood due to one of the breaks). If I could do it again, I would NOT. I couldn’t do anything for weeks, and sat around the house. My cat died right before my surgery, and I got laid off right after my surgery. Needless to say, maybe not my best month, eh?

So when I did my second century (L.A. River Ride), which is ALL FLAT, it took my seven hours to complete and those last 20 miles were BRUTAL.  I really need to get back into shape for the Cool Breeze double metric in August! Needless to say, I’ll be turning 32 in August, so .. oi!

Another thing I am working on is losing 20 lbs. I was a stable 145 (5’10” tall) since high school. Then two things happened:

1. I turned 30
2. My boyfriend got in a motorcycle accident

which means we sat around the house while he healed, and I didn’t work out/go to gym/etc. We both gained weight. He lost his like.. overnight… and I am still carrying mine. It has been a lot harder to lose weight than in my 20’s. I really dedicated this time to get back down 15-20 lbs, so I can
A. Fit into my clothes better (when you are tall, you can pack on 20 lbs and still fit most of your clothes)
B. Be a better cyclist
C. I hate being overweight!!!

So we have a lot of information in this post. To summarize:
1. I want to bike a double century (200 miles)
2. I love cycling and will use this blog to blahblahblah about the many facets of road cycling
3. Hope to gain some readers that can participate/provide feedback/etc.

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