Mountain Biking in Idyllwild

The other weekend I went mountain biking in Idyllwild, a mountain community in Southern California. I’ve always seen the sign for Idyllwild while driving to Las Vegas, and now, finally, got to see what this place was about!

There are hundreds of single track trails criss crossing the mountain side, alone with some easily bike-able fire access roads. The Lat/Long of the entry point to all these trails is 33.73386, -116.75074.

Mountain Biking in Idyllwild


Mountain Biking

Beautiful Views

Mountain Biking in Idyllwild

Nice clean single track riding


TREEEEES (which are fairly sparse in SoCal)

Mountain Biking in Idyllwild

Big boulders

Biking in Idyllwild

Easy, chill, lovely trail

Idyllwild Night Sky

Starry, Starry Night (my new cam is awesome and can take star pics)


While driving down the mountain, we saw a car that had gone OVER the cliff side getting pulled back up. SCARY!!

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