Renshaw Head Butts Dean at 2010 Tour de France!!

(Watch a little bit in to see the crazy headbutts)

“At the last moment, Renshaw threw several headbutts at Dean, pushing him out of the way of Cavendish. At the same moment, Farrar had hooked on to Cavendish’s wheel, which could have meant a win for Farrar. In a second rogue act, however, Renshaw veered into Farrar and cut him off, ruining his chances for victory….Referees immediately relegated Renshaw, later deciding to eliminate him from the race for his dangerous and unsportsmanlike actions.

Top race official Jean-Francois Pescheux said after the race: “Renshaw was declassified immediately but we have decided to also throw him off the race.

“We’ve only seen the pictures once, but his actions are plain for all to see. This is a bike race, not a gladiator’s arena.”

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