Bicycle Ballet??

I’ll admit that I haven’t been watching/keeping up with the TdF this year, too busy. But I HAD to share this video of Bicycle Ballet. Who knew the bicycle could be such an amazing dance partner? Huge props to this athlete – I wonder how many times she fell while training. My joints hurt just…

Cyclists vs Food

This cracks me up. I’d love to see this happening at one of the major tours. I can see it now – Domino’s sponsors the USA team, has Domino’s delivered during one of the stages and they eat it on the bike. HAHAH Cyclists vs. Food

More Stupid Female Cycling Clothes Pictures

What is it with trying to buy women specific cycling clothes online? I keep finding the most inane pictures. The following are all stolen from . Check out this stupid Castelli shirt pic. What’s with the see through nipples? Is this to let me know I should wear sunblock on my boobs, otherwise my…

TdF Hottie: Marcel Kittel

While watching Stage 3 of the Tour de France 2014, I couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous, wide shoulders (and large frame) of the stage 3 winner – Marcel Kittel. I promptly looked for more info about this sexy beast of a cyclist and found out he is 6’2″! That is very tall for a…

Tour de France 2014 Stage 1 in Pictures

If you were not aware, the first stage of the Tour de France 2014 started in the UK! The Brits have The Fever and have been extremely photogenic (for once…hardee har har). Here is a site with additional adorable pictures if you want MOAR