I have pretty, pretty hair.

TdF Hottie: Marcel Kittel

While watching Stage 3 of the Tour de France 2014, I couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous, wide shoulders (and large frame) of the stage 3 winner – Marcel Kittel. I promptly looked for more info about this sexy beast of a cyclist and found out he is 6’2″! That is very tall for a…

"Ohh uhmm hrmmm that's gotta hurt" (The royals supposedly responding to seeing Cavendish eat pavement)

Tour de France 2014 Stage 1 in Pictures

If you were not aware, the first stage of the Tour de France 2014 started in the UK! The Brits have The Fever and have been extremely photogenic (for once…hardee har har). Here is a site with additional adorable pictures if you want MOAR


You triggered my Garmin’s HRM – w4m (La Tuna Canyon)

I was biking up La Tuna Canyon (from Sun Valley) when my Garmin 500 detected a heart rate monitor. “Silly Garmin”, I thought, “I am not wearing a heart rate monitor today” Then you showed up.. .biking by me like I was standing still. It then clicked – you must have been wearing a heart…


Biking Mulholland

After several months with the stupid back injury, I finally went up and did a reverse loop of one of my favorite stretches of Mulholland Highway. Here is a link to my Garmin ride stats – YES I know I was morbidly slow but I am just getting back out there. AT LEAST I FINISHED…

See that red ouchie looking line? That is how I feel (down to the knee).

Sciatica and Cycling

High level summary: If you are having sciatic pain, get an MRI to know in more detail what is going on Go to physical therapy My particular issue is the L5/S1 is about 5 millimeters to the right, pushing on the sciatic nerve (and causing pain) If you are a cyclist, have your physical therapist…


Cyclist Tramp Stamp

I was doing a lot of trail biking before sciatica hit (a little over two months ago). Sciatica is a general term for lower back pain caused by the sciatic nerve being pinched. It’s pretty darn painful and has kept me off my feet for several weeks. Well, it still hurts but I’m sick of…

hero tool review

Hero Kit Review

Today’s post is a Hero Kit Review! The Hero Kit is an all in one bicycling kit. There are several different kits, but the one I’m reviewing today is the Mountain Biking Hero Kit. In full disclosure, Hero Kit reached out to me to see if I was interested in trying out their product. They…

Idyllwild Night Sky

Mountain Biking in Idyllwild

The other weekend I went mountain biking in Idyllwild, a mountain community in Southern California. I’ve always seen the sign for Idyllwild while driving to Las Vegas, and now, finally, got to see what this place was about! There are hundreds of single track trails criss crossing the mountain side, alone with some easily bike-able…

5 oz orange hydrapak

Giveaway: Hydrapak Soft Flasks!

Sick of trying to get to your energy gel/goo and getting it all over your hands and having that icky sticky wrapper after you are done? Well, there is a solution for that! The Hydrapak Soft Flask, which comes in a 5 oz and an 8 oz size. And thanks to Hydrapak, I have two…